Week 2 discussion question

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

I need to answer this in 250 words just a reply to the students post and compare it to my post with the score

Students posts

I am a Strong-willed learner. My results from the LCI assessment Sequence (30) use first level, Precise (25) use first level, Technical (29) use first level, and Confluent (23) use first level. I am the type of person I need clear direction on how to complete a task. I prefer hands-on courses. I like to be creative because I want to add more ideas to my assignment.
The first score is 30 sequences; I am a visual person. It makes sense to me now with the score I received. I want clear direction and step by step direction on any given assignment. I want to know when the job is due because I want to make sure I have enough time to complete my job from beginning to end. I want to make sure my assignment is done correctly from the beginning to the end. For example, when my supervisor assigned me to train a course, I want to know what I need to teach. I want to make sure my step by step training manual is easy to follow. Also, I like to add assignments to my calendar beginning of the month.
The second score is Precise 25. When I am given a project/assignment at work with a deadline, I like to ask a lot of questions. I am a procrastinator and wait for last minute to complete my assignment. I do need to change that. I like a lot of information and I take a lot of notes. For example, my supervisor wanted me to train new employees. I ask a lot of question so I can be a successful trainer. I am very detail orientated. And I like to manage my time well when I trained. I want to make sure I have all the materials for training new employees.
The third is technical score 29. I prefer a visual training. When I trained a new class, I like more visual slides to show better examples. I prefer to work alone than in groups assignment. I like to work alone. I like to manage my worn work. I want to know from beginning to end.
Lastly, confluent score is 23. Like creative thinking. I like to write down ideas. I like to brainstorm different ideas in my own unique ways. I like to try a different way to complete my project or prepare for a new training class. I do not want to repeat the same thing over and over. I like to create project plans and think outside the box.
When I took the LCI survey, I did not know what to expect because I did not know what the questions will be. I was surprised by four of the learning patterns. I was pretty stunned by the score. I can now say I am a strong-willed learner. Each of the learning patterns now gives me a better understanding of how I trained employees at work. The LCI score is very accurate base on what I know in my professional work and personal life.

My post

Learning is dynamic, and the methods, patterns, and approaches to it vary from one person to another. These, together with their numeric scores and level of use are:
• Technical learning and reasoning- 21, use as needed level
• Learning by precision- 31, use the first level
• Sequential learning- 30, use the first level
• Confluent learning- 21, use as needed level
Dynamic learners gain knowledge from their efforts. It may be through their experiences and personal perception of things. Bridge learners attribute their expertise to observation and practicing what others do. Strong-willed learners have more than three teaching patterns, and I happen to fall under this category of learners. As such, I often tend to things my way as opposed to actively participating in what others do.
As a strong-willed learner, I scored higher in sequential, precise, and confluent learning patters but failed in technical learning as per the Learning Combination Inventory, LCI. I employ sequence in all my activities. With any task at hand, I take time and plan my work and approach. I quickly scan through, gather all materials needed before settling actually to do it. I tend to follow to the letter, as though cast on stone and cannot postpone or proceed without completing what is required first. As a result, my work tends to be thorough and in line with the required output and follows the setout steps. Under precise learning patter, I can’t help but ask questions. Clarity is vital before doing any assignments. In all my classes, I actively take notes, highlighting all new concepts to explore them further. I am, therefore, always able to stick to the desired results. Under confluence, I like finding all approaches to a problem. I like it a lot when my idea stands out of the norm, and I am therefore never afraid of trying out new strategies, trying to bend the standard. However, when it comes to technical reasoning, I am not the best in the market. I struggle when it comes to hand-on activities, and can barely explain in-depth concepts and perform terribly in practical tasks and their presentations.
The Learning Combination Inventory has helped me understand more about myself. With knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, I can then deliver the best out of me. Surprisingly, I was never fully informed of all patterns and had rough ideas of them. For one, I never thought myself to be terrible in technical reasoning, despite many failed attempts. The results of this program have even motivated me further to go after what I want. When I set eyes on a prize, my strong-willed character sees me through.

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