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Answer 1

A flexible budget is to help in working out the effect of modifications in costs. Their estimate is actually accomplished through making up the detectable alterations inside the budget. So much more exact conditions, the flexible budget composes the number of activities in a supplied length and after that approximates the really worth of revenues and expenses. By using a budget that is versatile organizations can analyze their performance, by contrasting the price quote of expenditures utilizing the genuine amount of fees for that degree of tasks. Adaptable spending plans are thought along with countless cost motorists during the time that coincides. When compared to a predetermined budget, a flexible budget is actually far more practical while they replace the quantity for their values of activities inside the company. A flexible budget runs on the modifiable to show all of them in the allocate pretty much any kind of cost which can contrast with all the activities. The performance of the manager is actually computed using a company by using spending plans being flexible. A manager that is able to decrease the costs keep company with activities is certainly more desirable. Flexible budget market values might be used by the manager in organizing functionality reports relating to the company. These records will definitely videotape the financial efficiency related to the company and may help in operation management that is actually major in the foreseeable future. The company can change its treatments to straighten each of all of them with the budget quotes (Bai, 2016).

Standard cost can be a cost that is figured out is founded on the record of costs and estimated working expenses in the foreseeable future. It will definitely help the ongoing company in determining a cost which will definitely be practical thinking about most of the quotes. This is in fact the cost that is tweaked by the solution or products that are provided due to the company. The typical cost is in contrast to the particular cost to know its deviation via the cost that is approximated. The crucial difference between the cost that is common that cost is really a difference. You may locate mostly three components of product expenses: direct item, direct job, and overhead charges. These 3 are identified by utilizing costs which may be common. Requirement expenditures are used due to the managers for preparation and management that is actually taking care of, and to produce vital managerial choices. Also helps in preparing budget growth operations. Other than product costing, it’s likewise utilized in product and circulation rates processes in the not far off future. The flexible budget furthermore permits managers whereby they have the capacity to integrate any kind of final minutes’ expenditures that might certainly never be actually viable in a budget that is repaired. For pretty much any sort of activity whose expenses have not been actually settled, flexible spending plans may be used to improve their values at an eventual phase. Managers can rely on pliable spending plans and allot funds for nearly any type of tasks whose cost is actually not taken care of. After the setting aside procedure is actually completed, the budgeting salespersons may finish compiling the budget that is actually staying (Eisenberg, 2016).


Bai, G. (2016). Applying variance analysis to understand California hospitals’ expense recovery status by patient groups. Accounting Horizons, 30(2), 211-223.

Eisenberg, P. (2016). Implications of Standard Costing System in Manufacturing: A Case Study.
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5(3), 162-165.


Answer 2

Analytical Summary

The content from chapters 9 and 10 inform users about the budget analysis. In this case, budget analytical stands out as an essential concept in the management of business resources and capital. In the business ground, the budget analytic producer plays a critical role in the growth and development of the business organization (Boyabatlı et al., 2018). Mainly, in the world today, many businesses have adopted the procedures and techniques of the budget analysis as a means of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the business operation. Business management should adopt the process of budget analysis for the better means of improving the performance of the company.

1. As a manager, discuss how you would use or have used the concepts presented in chapters 9 and 10.

As a manager, I would engage in the entire process of conducting budget operation analysis and capita budget analysis. I will offer direction on how the evaluation procedure and process should be performed. I will also be intervening between the executive management of the business and operation taking place in the business organization. I will assign different takes to workers to ensure that the entire process of analysis is conducted effectively and practically. Bearing in consideration that we are dealing with historical data and information, I would make sure that every practice remains apparent to every person to eliminate the room for making mistakes. In this way, I will use processional accountants and analysts to conduct the process of analysis of the information and data. After investigation, I will interpret the result to the shareholders on the decisions that should be implemented in the business environment to improve the performance of the company as well as reduce the chance for making a mistake in the business environment

2. Why might managers find a flexible-budget analysis more informative than static-budget analysis?

The manager might find the entire evaluation and analysis based on the flexible budget analysis more informative than based on the static budget analysis since the assessment is based on the actual data. In this case, we are dealing with activities and practices taking place within the business environment. Even the result retrieved from the evaluation is based on the informative nature where the manager should use the finding to come up with decisions that are practical and effective to improve the performance of the business organization. Through the use of the information and result in the company through the support of the management the budget analysis is used in ensuring the company remain on the position to compete with other business in the field of operation

3. How might a manager gain insight into the causes of flexible-budget variances for direct materials, labor, and overhead?

The manager can use the flexible budget variance in determining the relationship and correction existing for the overhead, labor, and direct material. By assessing the level of variation among there components, the manager is capable of coming up with useful and practical decisions based on limiting the cost of operation and production and increasing the value of outcomes (Conlin & Thompson, 2017). In this case., the cost of labor and material should be reduced to increase the company profitability. For example, it can take the adoption of technology to reduce the cost of labor.


Conlin, M., & Thompson, P. N. (2017). Impacts of new school facility construction: An analysis of a state-financed capital subsidy program in Ohio. Economics of Education Review, 59, 13-28.

Boyabatlı, O., Leng, T., & Toktay, L. B. (2016). The impact of budget constraints on flexible vs. dedicated technology choice. Management Science, 62(1), 225-244.


Answer 3

Analytical summary of chapter 9 and 10

There are different information that has been discussed in chapter 9 and 10 that is based on the capital budgeting where the organization management should ensure there is better decision-making approach of the operating budgets creations. Most of the large business firms have to determine capital budgeting as an essential way of developing some of the ways that will lead to profitability and goals achievements. There are different importance for deploying capital budgeting the business should deploy to help in understanding the need for the long term goals and focusing in different areas that leads to better management of the operating funds (Stewart, P. S. 2017). The decision-making process should be very essential and the management has to monitor different activities through discussing and analyzing the approaches that can help in managing different types of costs such as production, sales, labor, and raw materials costs. Business management should restrict the issues relating to loans since it can lead to business failure due to interfering with the operating budget leading to business success.

As a manager, discuss how you would use the concepts presented in chapter 9 and 10

Being a manager will make me act in different ways depending on the need for the creation of the capital budget to help in operational development in different business levels. The organization is expected to learn some of the essential needs to understand the importance of budget management and controlling the funds to help in the income statement for the business successfully (Chamiekara, G. W. P., et al., 2017). The organization management should ensure there is a better understanding of the sales budget and operating budget that can help in improving business growth and development.

Comparison of flexible-budget analysis with static budget analysis?

The company has to understand the differences between flexible-budget analysis and static budget analysis. The organization can decide to deploy a static budget that is created during the start of the business and a flexible budget is changed depending on the completion of the period. The organization should ensure they have future planning that will help in understanding the need for estimating the cost of the economy and the market requirement. The management has been considering all the factors that prevent the issues that can interfere with the need for business growth and development (O’Day, K., & Meyer, K. 2018). Ultimately, a flexible budget is a periodical way of managing different budgets based on their completion approach and it requires business managers to accurately engage in providing essential results. The information states the managers should understand the variances that will help in determining the progress that will help in achieving the required goals while eliminating the organizational problems issues effectively. The collection of the information based on the variances increases the ability to improve in its performances and ensure they have better knowledge in static and flexible budget analysis successfully.

Gaining an insight into the causes of flexible-budget variances for direct materials, labor, and overhead?

Ultimately, business management should focus on different areas that require better determination of the price variances that require business managers to understand the need for utilizing direct materials, labor, and overhead costs.


Chamiekara, G. W. P., Cooray, M. I. M., Wickramasinghe, L. S. A. M., Koshila, Y. M. S., Abeywardhana, K. Y., & Senarathna, A. N. (2017, September). AutoSOC: A low budget flexible security operations platform for enterprises and organizations. In 2017 National Information Technology Conference (NITC) (pp. 100-105). IEEE.

O’Day, K., & Meyer, K. (2018). Budget Impact Analysis with Simultaneous Multiple Market Entrants: Static Versus Dynamic Baseline Market Shares. Value in Health, 21, S10-S11.

Stewart, P. S. (2017). Instabilities in flexible channel flow with large external pressure. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 825, 922-960.

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