Perception: age, sex, culture & expertise

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Review the prompt before you submit your paper and refer back to your readings, if applicable. This is a writing assignment and must be at least 400 words.

Info before you get to the assignment:

  • Several factors may produce consistent individual differences in perception, including age, sex, culture, and expertise.
  • Most perceptual functions improve rapidly early in life and then decline gradually in later years. This pattern mirrors the change in brain weight over the lifespan.
  • Female advantages for tone sensitivity, taste sensitivity, odour recognition, and touch recognition have been reported, although males consistently outperform females on tasks of spatial vision. There is considerable variability and overlap in the performance of the two sexes.
  • The influence of culture on perceptual capabilities has been investigated using pictorial competence tests and illusion studies. However, studies have not controlled for sources of bias such as experimental instructions, so evidence for cultural differences in perception is mostly equivocal.
  • Formal training in music and art has a measurable effect on perception. Practice has also been shown to result in considerable improvements even in simple sensory tasks. Expertise can result in physical changes in brain structure.
  • When the effects of age, gender, and expertise are controlled for, there may still be idiosyncratic differences in perception between individuals.

Perceptions assignment

Think of an incident for each of the four scenarios below where two people perceived what happened or what is going on very differently.

  1. Imagine when foreigners visit the United States, try and imagine the things that they might perceive differently, explain why they might see things differently.
  2. Imagine two individuals of differing gender, imagine what they might perceive differently and why?
  3. Imagine two individuals of differing age, imagine what they perceive differently and why?
  4. Imagine two individuals of differing expertise, imagine what they might perceive differently and why?
  5. Take a moment and contemplate the world that we live in today and find me two real example of two different sides that see events from a completely different perspective and why. ( you will discuss this question in the forum ).

Give examples, real and hypothetical for the above.

Below just for your viewing pleasure: Take a look at some differences in Perception and enjoy:

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