Module 1 Discussion

Can you help me understand this Sociology question?

Hello Class,

It is time to post your answers to all discussion questions for the Module 1 Discussion.

Please number the questions. Do NOT write the questions out. I just want to see your answers. Be sure to post your word count. It must be 400 or more words. Peer posts must be at least 100 words. Again, be sure to post your word count for both postings. Post your discussion and peer post on the last week of Module 1.

Dr. M

Discussion Questions:

  1. Give an example of using the sociological imagination.
  2. Which of the 3 sociological perspectives/theories do you agree with most and why? (Structural Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionism)
  3. Many people in the hard sciences (mathematics, engineering, physics, etc.) do not have much respect for those in the soft sciences (sociology, history, anthropology, etc.). Why is sociology important?
  1. Which of the following would you like to use in your research and why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your choice? (case study, qualitative narrative, observation, survey, experiment, existing sources
  2. What other cultures if any have you experienced? Give examples. If none, what would you change about the American culture and why?
  3. This week, please find television shows or popular music which you think makes some type of statement about contemporary life in the US. Note the folkways, mores, and laws as revealed in the shows or music. Look for examples of ethnocentrism, and cultural lag if they happen to be present.

a. What distinctive values and patterns of behavior are reflected in the show or music?

b. What folkways are involved?

c. What mores are involved?

d. Is law involved? (These are formal norms) If so, what law? I look forward to reading your comments.

7. Why may the Looking Glass Self have a more crucial impact on children than on adults?

8. In what way does inequality occur through socialization.

9. Give examples of social groups that you participate in or have participated in.

10. What roles do you take on?

11. Do you experience role strain and/or role conflict? If so, how?

12. What do you consider your master status and why? Give pertinent examples.



1. Being denied the job that you worked so hard for may cause you to doubt your abilities in that field. Your mind may begin to think things why did you not try harder” or “you should have prepared better.”

2. I agree with Structural functionalism. Without the Structure or framework of our society, we may begin to crumble or lose our stability, which can cause order in that society to Diminish. So I agree with structural functionalism in the sense if we did not have it our society would fall.

3. Throughout the years, the study of sociology has been added to. We have been able to learn about other society cultures and how they interact with each other. The study of sociology is important as it helps us to keep the study of how we, as a human race, evolve and build on each other.

4. I think I would try to use the observation method. Since you can immerse yourself into their culture to truly learn about it, or you can do non-participant where you just observe them and do not immerse yourself into their culture. A strength of this choice is you can immerse yourself into their culture and traditions and learn firsthand how and why they do things. A weakness in it seems you can either a participant or non-participant. It does not seem to have an overlap of them both.

5. I have experienced Filipino culture and indigenous Mexican culture. Where I live, we have quite a large Filipino and Indigenous people population. I have found they have similar traditions when it comes in Christmas and Easter. They may be similar, but with every culture, they have their differences.

6. The show I choose is: NCIS

a. They have patterns of catching and stopping the bad guys, and they find love. with their end goals are to have the people of Virginia safe.
b. They lock up bad guys, follow leads to catch the bad guys, and they solve crimes to give the families peace of mind over their loved ones.
c. They lock up bad people,
d. Since they are special agents, the law is a part of the show. They solve crimes that break our basic laws in the state of Virginia. Like no murdering, drugs, or stealing.

7. Since children are more impressionable, then adults how they think they appear to others can have a significant impact on their self-image since the looking glass self seems to be built on how we receive judgments from others. Young children since they are still learning and growing. The looking glass self may cause them to have anxiety over certain situations. I do not think the looking glass self is the best for children who are so impressionable. An example, if a parent or guardian keeps putting the child down by saying they are not good enough. This will have lifelong effects on a child’s life.

8. Inequality can occur in socialization through different ways like Sexism, racism, or a person’s income. There may be many factors for how inequality can happen in socialization.

9. I was on a dance teen when I was a freshman, and a Girl Scout my whole school life. I still participate in my church events as a volunteer.

10. I am currently a girl scout leader for my nieces’ troop as well as a Sunday school teacher at my church.

11. I think I experience role-strain between my oldest niece and me. We have an 11-year age gap. We tend to act more like sisters then niece and aunt. So, I try to be a good example for her, but since I am still young and learning myself, I slip up and end up not being the best example for her in the long run.

12. I consider my Master’s status to be a teacher since I am in charge of a full class of students every day.

Word count 660


1. If a person gets fired from their job after being told to improve they could look at themselves and say “This is your fault you should have improved. You should have tried harder”

2. I agree with the functionalist perspective. Although, I believe the society we live in is based around the conflict perspective. Social groups are constantly competing for power and resources. an example is most feminists believe they are being controlled by men and are also pro-choice, in turn, they think men in power are taking away women’s resources to make their own choices. In my opinion, the most functional society would be structural functionalism because I want peace and I know the only way to effectively do this is when all parts of society work together.

3. Sociology is the study of society, social relationships, and social interaction in everyday life. It is important because it mainly focuses on the study of human interactions. Without an in-depth understanding of why and how humans interact we would be able to have social change and reform within the society.

4. Case studies interest me the most. The biggest advantage of a case study is that you get a very in-depth view of a small group or a person. Therefore, if something can’t be recreated because of physical or ethical reasons it can still be studied. They are also great for creating new research if a case study is completed by a person and it holds ground it can then go on and be researched more. Case studies are very open-ended and can be about something that has only happened once but it allows for other researchers to see and maybe want to pick up and keep researching it. A disadvantage of case studies would be the possibility of memory or judgment errors. The biggest disadvantage is that most case studies cannot be replicated which is vital for conclusive research but, it is good for creating new research which is what I find to be so exciting about it.

5. I have traveled to over 30 countries, therefore, I have experienced many different cultures. The most fascinating culture I have experienced would be in the country of Cambodia.

6. I picked the TV show You.

a. The pattern in this show is him stalking and killing anyone who conflicts with his end goal. His values are for the women he is “in love” with. He sees protecting her as his highest honor and that no one else matters.

b. Obsession and personal space. At some points in this show, characters invade each other’s privacy but do it in a way that doesn’t break any laws but would seem odd to the average person.

c. Mores in this show include being a homewrecker which means hooking up with someone in a relationship another. It is not against the law but there is moral consequences faced when you do it.

d. The main character breaks many laws such as stealing, murder, and excessive stalking.

7. The looking-glass self is much more prominent in young adults and children because they are highly impressionable. In the twentieth century, mobile phones and social media are on the rise. Young adults use social media more than adults and this is going to taint how they view themselves. An example is when someone edits and posts selfies on Instagram, said person is looking for reassurance that they are pretty based on likes and comments.

8. Inequality occurs through socialization mainly because of income. There is more opportunity for people with money than without. An example is a school, my best friend got into NYU but because they only gave her $10,000 in scholarship money it is still incredibly expensive and she cannot afford it, even though she worked just as hard as everyone else to get in she cannot go because of her parent’s income.

9. At St. Pete High I was in an all-girl service club called Rojans. We had to try out and get voted in, we participated in city clean-ups and many other events. I also participated in Varsity cheer and track. I also work two jobs.

10. I was the caption of the team during my senior season in cheerleading. I’m also a good employee at my jobs. A daughter to my mother and a role model for my little sister.

11. I’d say I can feel role strain sometimes trying to be a good influence for my little sister. I want to check all the boxes of a “good role model” but sometimes I slip up and make bad decisions. Although I believe overall this also helps her see the good and the bad of adult life.

12. I’d say my master status is being a daughter. I am not in a relationship nor do I have any kids therefore, I relate mostly with being a daughter to my parents. I respect my parents and still answer mostly to them because I live at home.

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