BLAW 308 Corporate Written Assignment

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I just copied and pasted the two parts of what the professor asked of this assignment:

The corporate written assignment has been reassigned to the following, which is “easier” and you will learn more practical skills. There are two parts to your assignment: you will complete the problems assigned below based on your last name and then draft for me either a Partnership Agreement or Articles of Incorporation for a business you wish to create in the future.


Chapter 42: problem 2 (question is about “Pietra Zamul”), problem 3 (“Hydro-Dynamics, Inc.), problems 4 (question is about “George Richert”).

Do all 3 questions.

What will you submit and my expectations:

What you will upload onto Canvas is your answers to each question above. In addition to the answers, I want you to give a detailed answer with information you have learned in this course. I am looking for thoughtful and complete answers. Unlike the exams, spelling and grammar will matter because I want you to get better at your writing. I expect each answer to be at least 2 paragraphs. Answer the question that is asked in the questions above and also discuss further some other materials I taught you in the course. For example, the question above may ask you “did Pietra become a partner in the business?” You will answer that question but then I want you to also tell me some other things you know about partnerships: fiduciary duties, dissociation, dissolution, partnership capital, etc. You don’t have to talk about all of these but just something more than what the question asks. My goal is to see how much you have learned in the course. A “good” answer will fully answer the question asked in the book, have thoughtful analysis and add more information to the answer that you learned in the course. Each answer should be about 3/4 a page (single-spaced). You will be graded on how well your answers are, grammar, spelling and counterarguments (ex: perhaps Pietra was not a partnership because …..).

Upload your answers to Canvas in PDF with the documents for Part 2 below in one pdf file.


You have all the tools and general knowledge to create a hypothetical business entity. I want you to choose to create either a partnership, Limited Liability Corporation or general Corporation. This is make-believe so think freely and be creative. This assignment requires you to be proactive by clicking on the link, finding the necessary document and completing it properly. I want you to come up with a make-believe business that you’ve always wanted to create or intend to create in the future. Be creative! The purpose is to teach you practical skills to find the actual forms if you choose to do so in the future. This should be fun and a good learning experience.

Click on this link here and go to the Secretary of State’s website and click on the “+” sign to drop the categories. (Links to an external site.)

Choose one from the following entities:

  • Corporation: choose the “Articles of Incorporation – General Stock” – PDF file Form ARTS-GS
  • LLC: choose “Formation – Articles of Incorporation” – PDF file Form LLC-1
  • Limited Partnership: choose “Certificate of Limited Partnership” – PDF file Form LP-1.

Directions: I want you to read those documents you download. Create a business of your choice that you really want. Fill out all the necessary boxes and save it as a PDF. You don’t have to be put your actual address, just make something up. My goal is to get you familiar with this website, how to find the necessary documents and how to fill it out. For “Service of Process” (agent of service), you should Google agents of service and choose a company to be your agent of service.

This assignment should be a learning experience.

With this completed PDF form, on a word document, you should then add a short 1 paragraph story of why you chose this business. I want to learn more about you since we did not have an opportunity to interact this semester unfortunately. I want to get to know you as much as possible. So attached to your finalized corporate PDF application, add a paragraph why you chose to create that business.


What you will submit as your final assignment is one big PDF file containing:

1. Completed answers to the book questions above. This should be at most 1/2 to 3/4 a page for each question.

2. Completed Secretary of State’s form for your business (ex: if you choose corporation, then the “Articles of Incorporation of a General Stock Corporation”) complete with information in the document of your soon-to-be corporation. Click on the link above to go to Secretary of State’s website and locate the necessary form. I have told you where to look, the name of the document to find. Please don’t email me saying “I can’t find it”. Yes you can, it is there. I have shown you this website before and it is very easy to navigate. Please try your best.

3. One short paragraph telling me why you created that business and what your goals are for the business. In short, I want to learn more about you. Ex: “I created “Janet Flowers Inc.” because my mom used to be a florist and I have always had a passion to get into the flower business. I wanted to create a corporation to start this business with my cousin Tina. I hope to grow the business and expand it in all markets. etc. etc”

The book for the questions should be:

BUSINESS LAW:THE ETHICAL,GLOBAL AND ECOMMERCE ENVIRONMENT, 16thed., Mallor et al., (2016), ISBN 0077733711. (Other editions will not match the assignment list.) The text is available hardcopy at the campus bookstore and elsewhere. A custom hardcopy including only those chapters used in our class is available in the campus bookstore, ISBN 1308556373. Likewise, a custom electronic version is available: E version: available at create.mheducation.comISBN 9781307088632

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