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limite time tomorrow 10:00-11:15am.

example questions

  1. From 1978 to 2011, (choose one or more)

A the economy of China grew at an average rate of close to 9% a year

B the economy of China grew at the fastest rate for any economy in history

C China’s income per capita increased almost six times

B those living in extreme poverty fell to just 12% of China’s population

  1. Hong Kong and Taiwan (choose one or more)

A focused on export-oriented industrialization strategy at a time when world trade was growing rapidly

B provided examples of successful economic development for China

  1. In the late 1980s, China offered (choose one or more)

A the prospect of 1.3 billion consumers

B very cheap labor with unusually high skills and work habits for its income level

  1. The Chinese experience is characterized by (choose one or more)

A export-led investment and growth

B a string of wage increases beginning in 2010

C the central government coordinating investments across industries

D the central government negotiating licenses and other business agreements with economic agents abroad

E government provision of basic health and education

  1. There has been considerable debate about whether rapid growth in East Asian countries is the result of capital accumulation or productivity gains. When China’s rapid growth began in the late 1970s in the areas close to Hong Kong, (choose one or more)

A a large volume of investment funds flowed from capital-abundant Hong Kong to capital-scarce China

B productive ideas flowed over the Hong Kong border

  1. Inclusive institutions that protect property rights and enforce contracts, and place checks on executive authority and the power of elites such as through the rule of law, have demonstrated importance in long-term economic development. In China such protections are demonstrably (choose one)

A strong B weak C non-existent

  1. Which country or countries have pursued a very gradual implementation of market reforms? (Choose one)

A China B Hungary and Slovenia C Russia and Poland

  1. Which are characterized by the more clearly defined property rights?

A state-owned enterprises (SOEs) B township and village enterprises (TVEs)

  1. From at least the early to mid-1990s, the terms of trade shifted toward industry and urban areas. This means that

A the prices of food fell relative to the prices of manufactures

B the prices of food rose relative to the prices of manufactures

  1. Since 1980, China has grown about 4½ times faster than the United States, as measured by per capita output. As a result, China has been closing (choose one or both)

A the relative gap in living standards B the absolute gap in living standards

  1. A high rate of domestic saving is associated with

A a trade deficit B a trade surplus

SJSU—Fall 2020—Economic Development—Mark Brady—Quiz Ten Page 2

  1. The later a country starts modern economic growth,

A the faster it can grow B the slower it can grow

  1. Inequality in China has (choose one)

A been falling slightly B been falling dramatically

C been rising slightly D been rising dramatically

C essentially remained unchanged

  1. A 2013 study estimated that air pollution in China has already

A decreased life expectancy north of the Huai River by 5.5 years, including increases in lung cancer, heart attack, and stroke

B increased life expectancy north of the Huai River by 5.5 years, as children’s bodies become more resistant to air pollution

  1. Which statement below is TRUE?

A Although China produces about one-fifth of global output, it consumes nearly one-tenth of the world’s energy production.

B Although China produces about one-tenth of global output, it consumes nearly one-fifth of the world’s energy production.

  1. China’s exchange rate is

A significantly overvalued B slightly overvalued

C neither overvalued nor undervalued D significantly undervalued

E slightly undervalued

  1. Although China has very high savings and investment rates, a 2013 study argued that official statistics do NOT account for (choose one or more)

A hidden consumption by the growing number of high-income citizens

B the rent-equivalent consumption of owner-occupied housing

C reported corporate expenses that are actually more like private consumption

  1. Between 2008 and 2013, the overall credit to GDP ratio

A decreased from about 200% to close to 120% B increased from about 120% to close to 200%

  1. Richard Easterlin has found that in China (choose one)

A improvements in happiness and satisfaction in the country have kept pace with the extraordinary economic growth

B improvements in happiness and satisfaction in the country have not kept pace with the extraordinary economic growth

C improvements in happiness and satisfaction in the country have not kept pace with the extraordinary economic growth, particularly among the bottom third

  1. China became a more urban than rural society sometime in

A 1980 B 2011

  1. The population of China is

A rapidly aging B slowly aging C not aging at all

  1. The population of China exhibits

A a very high ratio of males to females B a very high ratio of females to males

  1. China (choose one or more)

A is ethnically quite homogeneous B enjoys broad democratic freedoms

C has relatively few natural resources D lies within the tropics E is landlocked

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